Sunday, 30 April 2017

A Visit to The Victoria & Albert Museum

Reposted up here on our new blog are some pictures I took from last year's
visit to The Victoria & Albert Museum London. And having first visited
there the previous year in 2015, I was pleased to see even more displays
on show, particularly in the Weston Cast Court which houses as it's
centrepiece a reproduction plaster cast of Michelangelo's monolithic
statue of David.

Some of those newly added additions in The Weston's room included
Verrocchio's statue of David as well as Donatello's David with the head
of Goliath.

And yet having only visited The V&A twice briefly there's still so much
more to see with visits to other floors and a chance to see literally
hundreds of unseen exhibits.


A Visit to The British Library London

From the archives of my previous blog are some images
here taken late last year in 2016 of The British Library
in London's Euston Road just next to St Pancras Station
in Kings Cross.
Having never visited there before I found it quite fascinating
and look forward to more visits.

Interestingly it was from watching a new six part tv
series on Sky Arts called Treasures of The British Library
that inspired me to want to take a look around the place.

It does seem to attract a lot of students who take their
books and laptops to revise or work on their thesis
papers. And looking around you might describe the
insides of the building as a sort of academic utopia.
It has many fine historical relics and papers on display
including many first editions of well known publications.
And the outside structure of the building is all built
using red brick, apparently so that it fits in and matches
it's adjoining building St Pancras Station.

Hopefully I might make another visit there this year.